Eric Brosseau, Food & Beverage 

Eric went above and beyond to help clear a number of items from my office (recycling, cabinets, general clutter, which was would have needed outside help to complete). He was responsive to my request, acted quickly, and was reliable for coming when he said he would. This is not something that is part of his job, however, he went on to assist, as he was able to do so. I am so appreciative of his time, and willingness to help! Recognized by Jaime Dunn



Harri Dobrochadow & Taniell Hamilton, F&B and Operations

Harri and Taniell went out of their way to help me apply for my Epic Promise grant this past summer. I never actually asked for their help as the summer was super busy but apparently they did it all on their own when they heard what I was doing. I recently signed up to go to a small country in Africa to help build a dormitory for handicapped children. This was truly an experience of a lifetime but it was also an expensive one. I am disabled myself (legally blind) but I know how privileged I am to live in a country like Canada, so I wouldn't pass up on the opportunity to help others even if it cost me my life savings. That said, when I heard what Harri and Taniell did for me I was really moved. I'm so happy to work for a company that has such a program, and even more happy to work with people like Harri and Taniell. Recognized by Joe "Grizzly" Robinson


Reece Nichol, PSS

Reece is always supportive of us in snow school sales. He is polite and supportive and makes working in G1 fun. He helped me fix a zebra printer, making sure afterwards that it was fully working. I really appreciated the effort. Recognized by Laura Courtney

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