Tiana Wilkinson, Retail Rental 

Tiana was on a day off and in line for the Gondola on Thursday, December 13. My husband and kids were in line with her and her boyfriend and noticed that as they moved through the line they picked up all of the garbage left behind by guests. Both my husband and kids noticed this - as I'm sure did other guests. Recognized by Sarah McCullough



Gwen Milley, Operations

Gwen came to help a gentleman that was extremely tired, shivering and disoriented at the Rendezvous. It was a stormy day, so I know Patrol was very busy so I was hesitant to even call, however this gentleman was unable to stop shivering and would not have been safe skiing down. Gwen got him food and had another Patroller (Andor T) bring hot packs for him. She also stayed with him for more than 30 minutes. Thanks to Gwen and Andor this gentleman was able to recover and ski out on his own. Recognized by Brian Good


Jason McSkimming, HR

Jason was snowboarding on Blackcomb and heard another person yelling for help. Jason quickly realized this person calling for help had discovered another guest in a tree well. The woman that was first on scene and Jason applied CPR. Patrol also was quick to respond. Between all efforts and the timing of the whole thing there was a positive outcome. We very much appreciate the awareness, willingness and preparedness with First Aid training that all parties exhibited. Thanks for your part in this Jason. Recognized by Brian Good



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