Abaigh Collins & Aiden Newton, PSS 

Abaigh had organized food & beverages for our Mountain Host Orientation Day at MY Place on Dec. 9th but unfortunately the coffee shop that our order had been arranged with (in advance) messed up and didn't prep the food portion of the order. It was an order for apx 180ppl so to find out morning-of was a huge problem! Abaigh, on a busy Saturday morning (& while feeling under the weather) was still somehow able to arrange and facilitate the purchasing of food for our meeting by 10:30am! Simply outstanding! And this is where Aiden's contribution was so critical as he was able to get to the grocery store, purchase everything and deliver it to MY Place with only minutes to spare, best part being the hosts in Orientation were none the wiser (and believe me, if there wasn't food there at break time, we would've heard about it!). Aiden then came back at the end of our meeting to collect the coffee related items for delivery back to the coffee shop to help wrap things up for the day. Fantastic team effort all around, and speaking on behalf of the Mountain Host management team, we can't thank Abaigh & Aiden enough for their help on what is for us one of the most important days of our season. Thanks guys! Recognized by Derek Stembridge



Dakota Williams, Snow School

Dakota was off work on Christmas Day and he spent the day riding around all the lifts so he could give candies to the lifties that were working. He wanted to thank them for working on Christmas so everyone else could enjoy the mountains during this holiday season. We want to recognize Dakota for being so kind and thoughtful and making the lifties day! You rock Dakota, thank you for being so awesome! Recognized by Sam Price and Craig Gorst


Chantel Whiteman, Snow School

At the start of the year Chantel took on a new role as an Events Coordinator for ETC and it is clear already that she is the perfect person for the job. She complied a fantastic playbook of the all the training, games, events and activities that she taught us during our training, that she implemented and ran, and then gave one to each member of staff. She put so much time and effort into the playbook and it􀂶s absolutely jam packed with everything ETC! When other supervisors of kids programs here at Blackcomb Base saw the book they asked for copies for their staff too so they can learn the games and activities in it. Alongside this new role Chantel also took on the added responsibility of being our Safety Ambassador and the play book also covered the Alpine Responsibility Code and the Snow School Safety Code which I thought was awesome! Thank you for all that you have done so far this season we look forward to seeing what else you can achieve. Recognized by Craig Gorst and Sam Price



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