Wendy Cartner, PSS

Wendy has organized all of our Concierge Appreciation Après as well as our Moonlight on the Mountain events. These events take a lot of time and attention to detail. On top of her already busy high volume job of Pro Concierge, she had orchestrated these events providing a large amount of information to multiple parties and was on top of all and any questions asked about these events! Thank you Wendy for being an integral team member in the Concierge.  Recognized by Ellody Spike-Porter



Jackelyn Ho, PSS

Jackelyn is such a fantastic addition to our guest services team!! She works in Admin but comes over and helps fill out some of the shifts that we have unfilled. Not only is she absolutely lovely to work with but she gives fabulous service to our guests. She always shows up on time and ready to rock. She is a team player-as when we need her in another area-tickets for example- she is happy to move around to help the biggest lines and cover off breaks-not to mention the many times that she has stayed late for us! Jackelyn-we think you are amazing and are such an asset to our team!! I am so thankful to work with you-thank you for EVERYTHING that you do!!! Recognized by Tracy Andrew



Gordon Bradley, Maintenance

Gord was able to stop by Merlin's on Sunday evening to help us out immensely. He was already at the end of his day but made the extra trip to help us out. Our glasswasher drain was overflowing - broken glass was stuck down a pipe somewhere - limiting the flow of the drain, causing it to massively overflow onto the floor around the bar & kitchen pass areas. He was able to clear the blockage enough for us to get back to usual operations & he made sure the Maintenance team were on hand first thing the next morning to complete the job. Thanks for getting us out a big jam Gord! Recognized by Derek Pretty


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