Dean Coulson, HR 

Dean has been instrumental in helping the Events Department with all our hiring needs. He's always happy to help and a great source of information.Dean has been such a monumental help to our department across the last month. Always available, friendly and willing to assist with any kind of query, the man is a recruiting machine!  Recognized by Kelvin Scott and Steve Crowley




Abigail Tully and Joanne Lunag, HR

Abbie and Jo are new to the HOUSE Front Desk, joining the team just before Mass Check-in began. They had the monumental task of learning non-intuitive programs and software, managing multiple spread sheets on multiple platforms and learning all of the check in speech points in less than a month. However over the last three weeks they have checked in more than 550 new residents and have honed their customer service during this very hectic time. They have answered thousands of questions about HOUSE from future and current residents and employees inquiring about HOUSE. Both Jo and Abbie worked overtime on many of their scheduled days off to help with mass check in bus days. Thank you Jo and Abbie for being great ambassadors of HOUSE and the first contact for many Whistler Blackcomb staff! Recognized by Shawn Harrigan





Alice Smithson, Snow School

Alice solo organized yet another fantastic Scavenger Hunt for our new employees for Frost week. She arranged prizes, came up with some fun clues and then had a fantastic apres at Longhorns. She really went above and beyond to make this event memorable for our new staff and did so with a big smile on her face and as always with her positive energy. You rock Alice. Recognized by Lauren Hetherington


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