Adam Smith, IT 

Adam was a star on Friday...I had a last minute problem dropped on my lap with Lifetime Passes which potentially would have meant that I had to manually look up 190 Mountain Money numbers. Despite telling me that RPOS reporting isn't his forte, Adam came up with a solution really quickly, saving me from having to come in on my weekend! On top of this, he is always on the other end of the phone to answer my incessant questions about Club Shred :) Adam you are the best!!  Recognized by Georgia Gray



Robbie Haydon, Retail Rental

I would like to recognise Robbie for helping out The North Face team while we were at the warehouse this week. Robbie helped us all lots while we were receiving, and was extremely patient with us while we were all trying to learn the process! Thank you so much for giving up your time for us Robbie, the store is looking nice and full thanks to your efforts! We really appreciate it! Recognized by Victoria Rae




Julian Gagne, Operations


Would like to recognize Julian Gagne of the Events Dept as with short notice, Julian was able to come in on his day off to prepare equipment associated with the Lift Opening that occurred this week and then was present the day of to assist with the activation. He was of great help for the team present and as usual had this "can do" attitude with the team which put everyone at ease. Thanks for jumping in and helping the team, great example of helping others and building a good relationship with our internal teams. Recognized by Seb Fremont


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