Mike Wilson, F&B 

I'd like to recognize Mike Wilson for the incredible impact he has made during his tenure at the GLC. Mike recently posted a heartfelt open letter on Facebook letting his community of friends and family know about his recent change in jobs and how much impact his time at the GLC had on the last 20 years of his life. The response was incredible. As of today, this post had 621 positive reactions and 284 comments from people all around the world. The common theme was how much Mike made the GLC special for everyone and how he played a huge role in their lives, some personally, some professionally, many of both. Over and over again people were commenting that they were brought to tears at the thought of Mike Wilson no longer being at the GLC. It's truly a confirmation of how Mike cares about his staff, his guests and his business, and the impact he has had. It's been my great honour to have worked with Mike in his various roles at the GLC in the last 20 years, and I'm excited to see where his determination and passion for caring about his staff, his guests and his business can take the Blackcomb alpine F&B units.  Recognized by Mike Varrin




Pierre Ringuette, Snow School

Pierre has been amazing over the last couple weeks. As he moved into Russ' role he gained lots of Russ' access for Bike School, being the only one who has access to Bike School in MAC it was up to him to put all remaining employees on SIS. Pierre was happy to help at every step of the way even though it created way more work for his already overloaded schedule. Thank you Pierre for always being happy to help no matter is needed we really appreciate all your help with this and over the summer. Recognized by Anna Boyd


All of those nominated for an Epic Service/Above & Beyond last month were included in a monthly draw, and the prize winner is:  

Jenna Shepherd, Human Resources  

Congratulations! You have won a $25 WB gift card!
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Thank you Nicky for taking the time to recognize Epic Service! 

Nicky Boling, Bike Park/Snow School  
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