You Can Help Prevent Wildfires


Whistler Blackcomb has taken many precautions to help prevent wildfires such as being a non-smoking resort, thinning forests to remove surface and ladder fuels, using sprinklers on grasslands and training staff to respond to a wildfire. If you see smoke or a fire on the mountain there are a few things you can do to help.


What you can do:

  • If you spot a fire, call 604-938-FIRE.
  • State your name and contact information
  • Provide the location of the fire: is it close to buildings, lifts or people
  • How big is it and direction of travel


WB response:

  • Trained WB employees will respond to the location of the fire to assess and if safe to do so, extinguish the fire.
  • The BC Wildfire Service and RMOW Fire Rescue is notified and may attend to assist in extinguishing the fire.


To prepare for a Wildfire event, WhistlerBlackcomb conducts annual wildfire training to understand wildfire behavior, pump and hose lay set up, danger tree assessment, cold trailing and establishing a fire guard.

As well all WB mountain vehicles are equipped with fire tools; Pulaski, water can and shovel, to help combat a fire and we have firefighting equipment caches on each mountain which can be moved quickly to the site of a fire to help contain or extinguish it.


On July 15th staff from ops and maintenance completed a wildfire training session. Here you can see the water pump set up, digging fire guard and hose lay training stations in action.