Your Systems Access will Change TOMORROW: Vail Resorts User ID & Single Sign-On Launching


We are on an ongoing journey to optimize the employee workplace through a personalized digital experience that empowers employees and managers to more easily self-help, collaborate and communicate. The first step is implementing Vail Resorts User ID: Single Sign-On functionality that eliminates the effort of separately logging in to each of our key employee systems.

Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 8, you will no longer use your employee ID number to log in to these systems:

  • Direct Connect
  • The LIFT
  • PeopleSoft HR
  • PC Punch
  • SuccessFactors

What you need to know about your new login info: 

Employees with a Vail Resorts email address: you will log in using your full Vail Resorts email address. Your password will remain the current Network Login password you use for logging in to your company computer.

Employees without a Vail Resorts email address: your new ID will be sent to your personal email address on file as well as to your manager overnight. Please note, this new Vail Resorts User ID is just a new login username – while it may look like an email address, it does not provide access to Vail Resorts email account.

People Managers: If your employee does not currently have a Vail Resorts email address, you will receive an email overnight with details of your employee’s new Vail Resorts User-ID. Please ensure your employees are informed of their new ID.

Any individuals that have not already enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will have to do so at BEFORE attempting to login to an SSO system. MFA is an important security enhancement to protect our company. In order to enroll in MFA you will need to have access to either a cell-phone or landline. You can find instructions for enrolling in MFA here.

For any questions related to login details, password resets or MFA, please contact the IT Support Center at:

Note that this is the first phase of single sign-on functionality. We intend to move the majority of our employee systems across the enterprise onto Vail Resorts User-ID in a phased approach over the coming months. For more information on SSO please read this FAQ.