Zero Hero’s: For individuals who have gone “above and beyond” in environmental initiatives.


Anyone who wishes to nominate their co-workers and go in for the running to win a Hydrapak should visit:

WINNER: July 15th

Taiya Searle - HOUSE

I noticed Taiya going to all lengths to compost left over food left in units and recycle the packaging.  Sometimes the food or old abandoned compost bins we have found is completely rotten, moldy, flies, maggot, you name it! Taiya will still get in there without hesitation and remove any and all packaging to make sure it all gets sorted and composted correctly!

Nominated by: Chelsea McRostie

WINNER: July 10th

Maxine Lister - GLC

Maxine has taken initiative to put signage up throughout our building reminding people to recycle and reduce waste.  This signage has made a big impact on our waste reduction. Maxine is also the go to environmental leader within our business unit and we appreciate her drive and knowledge and having someone we can go to with all recycling questions

Nominated by: Zoey Cotton

WINNER: July 2nd

Jordano Palacio - Head Chef, Merlins

Jordano has been hard at work making our very challenging loading bay ready for our new zero waste commitment by weighing our recycling and compost. He is serious about this commitment and has been very passionate about making this vision a reality.

Jordano has been the driving force here at the Daylodge as we head into this summer in an effort to streamline our environmental efforts aimed towards TRUE Certification. Jordano has tackled our challenging loading bay area head on & has been integral in driving the culture of sorting our waste streams properly to our Management & Staff. Thanks for all your efforts on this project!

Nominated by: Chloe Duncan & Derek Pretty



WINNER: June 24th

Wesley Weeken - HOUSE

As part of Wes' role on team clean at House he is a real leader in making sure the recycling bins at Glacier are sorted properly. Often having to fish things from the wrong bins and put them in correctly whenever he finds them.  

Nominated by: Dena Miles



WINNER: June 17th

Becky Argue - F&B, Steeps

Becky has brought back our trash can Dan challenge to see how long our team can go without emptying our landfill bin. She has also purchased communal bulk containers of peanut butter, jam and cream cheese to help reduce the use of portion packages for our team.

Nominated by: Christina Brown



WINNER: June 10th

Anik Champoux - Marketing

Anik recently sold her gasoline car and purchased a fully electric vehicle, and I think we need to call out all those that are making this switch, as this is a huge step in the right direction.

Nominated by: Jaime Dunn



WINNER: June 3rd

Matthew Kelly - HOUSE

Matthew made a new tool for the HA lockout and Write up system, moving away from a resident list sent out nightly and a paper based HOA system (still using the carbon paper template).

Our new system based on sheets, has up to date resident info, is paperless and has memory. Matthew also put our posters on lobby displays meaning we no longer print out multiple copies of upcoming events to plaster all over the house buildings!

Nominated by: HA Team



WINNER: May 27th

Benjamin Gambling - Snow School Sales



Benjamin has implemented a process which the ski passes at ride tribe schools can be reused rather than having to replace new cards every time another school arrives. This has resulted in an over 50% return in used cards which can be reused for another school and reduces our waste!

Nominated by: Ellody Spike-Porter



WINNER: May 21st

Milo Brucks - PSS Creekside

There are 4 back offices at Creek PSS and Milo is continuously turning off the lights which has never been done when we are open before.  We go in and out of the offices but he always catches the lights for everyone who forgets, probably at least 50 times a day. 

Nominated by: Darlene Knapton

WINNER: May 13th

Sandi Britt - Senior Manager of PSS

Sandi Britt saw eco-chit that F&B at WB was using and took it upon herself to organize all of PSS and other departments to switch from a non-comparable receipt roll to a compostable receipt roll to reduce our waste and with every one case that is purchased, eco-chit plants a tree!

Nominated by: Ellody Spike-Porter

WINNER: May 6th

Cate Webster - Assistant Manager of Events, Operations

Did you know Cate carries a “nifty nabber” garbage picker with her every day on her walk to and from work?! She’s constantly picking up other people’s litter and has never asked for anything in return. Many years later and no less motivated, Cate truly embodies the every step counts philosophy. Thanks for being a Zero Hero Superstar!

Nominated by: Taniell Hamilton


Luke Wilson - Lift Operations

Luke Wilson one of our high preforming lift operators approached his supervisor about the state of the garbage and recycling at our lift stations. Luke had been going through and auditing the waste while packing up at the end of his days when the lift had closed. When doing this task he noticed that our recycling bags were highly contaminated. He was not told to do this, he took the initiative because that’s just the type of employee he is. He asked his supervisor if they could brain storm a solution together, so they got to work. They contacted Zero Waste to think of a solution and they came up with the idea of the stickers making it more apparent of what the waste bins were for. The entire process took about two week till completion and now we have noticed a drastic change in the waste we have at our lifts. Our bin bags now are hardly contaminated! Thanks to Luke Wilson for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

Nominated by: Jeff Normandeau

WINNERS: April 22nd

Jimmy Abbott and Aeron WesteindeSki Patrol


Both Jimmy and Aeron have been big driving factors with patrol reducing their waste. They've done a lot of research on naked bamboo. They've also contacted vendors about ski straps instead of using electrical tape to wrap bundles of bamboo. Both Aeron and Jimmy are proactive about the environment and helping shape the patrol department for the better!

WINNER: April 15th

Chad Curry - Manager of the Retail Distribution Warehouse

Chad has made recycling for our retail & rental stores super easy by creating an SOP that allows all locations to send their recycling to the retail DC with delivery drivers, where they have the resources to recycle most everything. This creates an additional workload for his staff and he didn't have to take this on.

WINNER: April 8th

Sheila Kearns - Manager of the Glacier Creek restaurant

Sheila has been an absolute superstar when it comes to waste reduction. Not only did her restaurant perform the best on the comprehensive waste audits, but it was also the first restaurant to go plastic straw free!

WINNER: April 1st

Lewis Stockton - Busser at the Rendezvous

Lewis had a great idea to challenge the staff to pledge to complete meatless Mondays. As a vegetarian he pledged to go vegan for the day.